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June 8, 2014

DOUBLES STRATEGY AND MATCH PLAY:                       

The composition of a doubles team:

One very consistent player on the deuce court, ad court player might have more fire-power & a greater variety of shots. 
Also, two great servers. A team that has one really strong and consistent serve will usually hold serve every time.


Look to serve inside from the center on the deuce side- when serving to a right hander- it goes to back hand more often setting up partner.

Go with 80-90 % power on slice and kick – usually gives you more travel time to get into net and join partner.

Square up and split before the opponent hits the ball- if that means behind the service line – THAT’S OK – you still have a chance to get a lob over your partner’s head at the net if that is the case… .


Player needs to stay back from net- middle of box- leaving for split and angle poach. Lead with the racket –so everything stays out in front.

Space management:
Net players always wants to win two points of every game being aggressive within the space that you can cover as the net player. Make it a goal to help your serving partner out with finishing two points from the net. This takes pressure off the server and as the match progresses creates confidence and synergy.  Use the net strap as a guide. If it’s on your side of the net strap- it’s your ball to poach. Crossing the centerline – is commitment to switch. If you cross – auto switch.
To get into opponents servers head – you need to stay active at the net. This will almost always be a distraction to them as the point develops.

Returning Serve: Mentality is to defend the box in front of you so you can more easily get to the net.  Keep your outside foot – adjacent to the net post.  
"No Roses for opponent on return"
You don’t need to hit a winner on the return but you don't want to send them flowers either.
Return down the line EARLY in the match. Establish early- so you get in their heads right away. Another – is CHIP AND CHARGE - Another : Chip lob over the net player – good variety of returns. Let’s make em’ play mentality.  Let them know you’re capable of anything.

Returners partner: Need to stand in close to the T. stay low in box. Good return made – you go on offense. Not so good return – you’re back and ready to defend.  If opponent has a huge first serve,maybe go two back to take some pressure off.  

Serving team:

Tennis is a holding game. If you hold serve – worse case you’ll get to a tiebreaker.
Signal – tennis. ?? Maybe have servers control by just talking in-between points rather than have the net player dictate the point. The server knows where they are going to go with serve. Talking also gives chance to encourage each other ... keeps it positive. Quarterback philosophy – server sees the whole field of play.
Doubles – always look for gaps. Early on-on match – keep most 2nd shot balls down the middle. -Then when you get to a 30-40 point – go down the line. Get the opponent used to thinking and then surprise- and do something different.

When facing an "I" formation – go right at the guy who’s playing the jack in the box position. He’s got to go somewhere – so go at him or her.

Person up is always moving. ALWAYS  - which means shifting and following the ball. Square hips to where the ball is goin.
Up person cannot play spectator tennis. Eyes stay forward.  

Myth - - strength in the middle when you have a righty and a lefty?   Not necessarily…..
Doubles is an angular game it’s OK to put a lefty on the ad side especially when the point is set up with a strong forehand wide to open up the court from the get-go. 


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