Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our Truth

We all have an inner guidance system wired to tells us when we’re doing the right things that keep peace in our inner selves, but following that inner voice and taking the actions to live fully and authentically takes making conscientious choices that need to be executed and continually exercised.
In my earlier years of coaching tennis and as a tennis player myself, I knew there would be a connection between how we live off the court and how we play on the court. I knew that if I could get my players to understand this that I could build a successful program.  I spent much of my time thinking there was a right way to live. What was that truth?  For me,  my truth was demonstrated every day that I found myself in front of my tennis students. Rewarded with happiness each and every day that I left the tennis courts.  After a year or so, I realized the rewarded feeling lasted just a few minutes into my drive home from practices or matches.  I realized that there was something more that I needed to do and that was to take charge of my inner self, my own personal  “home team” and be rewarded all day, every day by taking charge of my life. It was a perfect time to do this.  At the time I was a bachelor and my home team was me ! This meant organizing, minimalizing, simplifying and creating better spaces both internally and externally in my life.    
Listening to myself about who I am as a person and realizing my potential were key. Embracing and celebrating the things that I found joy in doing energized me and my teams. I understood through my experiences and passion that I am naturally born to lead and coach!  
I listened to my truth, for that was all that mattered.  A mentor and friend to me, Dale Light, reinforced and affirmed this for me not too long ago.  It’s more about the truth within that is important than strictly believing ones own thoughts, based on our visual perception, run-away processes and other toxins that live around us. It's about our environment and where we are going, rather than where we have been.   It was a learning process that enabled me to change, well, mostly everything, but it brought me peace, clarity and joy in what I do.
My pursuit to share this with others has now entered a new phase. A new journey, an exciting adventure. 

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