Friday, May 6, 2011

Tennis is relative for undefeated Meadowdale sisters


Above, Kari (at the net) and Erica Beaulieu during a match. Below, Erica chases down a ball. (Photos by Char Blankenship)
By Allison Pascoe
Sisters Kari and Erica Beaulieu are tearing up the court at Meadowdale High School. The Beaulieus, who play doubles on the varsity tennis team, are undefeated this season.
 Kari, a senior, and Erica Beaulieu, a sophomore, have played tennis for the Mavericks for  two years, and during that time have only played doubles together. “I really like playing with my sister,” Erica says.
The sisters agree that knowing each other and their capabilities so well is a major advantage in a match. “We have better communication,” explains Kari. The sisters are able to be more open and honest with one another than most doubles teams. Throughout a match the girls constantly let each other know of possible plays and where to improve. They explain that their criticism isn’t personal, it only serves as encouragement.
The girls are also able to separate the sport from their personal lives. After each match the Beaulieus discuss highlights and points that they need to work on, but then they leave the competition on the court.
“They are both incredible athletes and they have really inspired the team with their competitive spirits” says Meadowdale Head Coach Mark Schneider.
Kari has been accepted to the Honors Program at Washington State University, where she will be attending next fall. She plans on playing intramural tennis at WSU, but says “I will miss playing tennis with my sister.” In future seasons without Kari, Erica will play singles tennis for the Mavericks.

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