Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Learning the Game

Learning to hit the ball with consistency and control should be the first thing a player focuses on when learning the game while placement is also important - it can be achieved with ease when a player learns to hit with control first.  The last thing a new player should learn is to hit with power.  Power is increased when the player learns to use it within his or her abilities to keep the ball in the court and hit their intended target. 

1.  Consistency (control)   
2. Placement  
3. Power.

When you play the game – and you play with this concept in mind you’ll receive the following benefits :

  1. You’ll wear your opponent down-   they have to move to more balls when you keep it in play.
  2. You’ll have better dictation of the point. You’re hitting with better control – and placement.  
  3. You’ll have less unforced errors -  ( giving you opponent unearned points )
  4. You’ll have more opportunity to attack you opponents weaker side – because your shots are controlled and deliberate.
  5. You’ll  get more opportunity to pass your opponent and win the point,  because you placed the ball and didn’t over hit.  

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