Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Phases of Play and Court Positioning

Great piece from fellow USPTA Pro- Mark Bey

It's important for players to understand these 5 phases and their court positioning during point play.

The attacking phase – oftentimes inside the service box or even close to the net. This phase consists of aggressive overheads, swinging volleys, putaway shots with increased racquet speed and downward trajectories.

The forcing phase – also known as "no-man's land" – the balls in this phase are taken early and hit as driving, forcing shots. Examples can be second-serve returns or short balls that you move in on.

The rally phase – This involves hitting rally shots using spin, pace and trajectory options, while working with shot patterns and directions to try to set up opportunities.

The counter-attacking phase – This phase means your opponent has hit good shots and forced you back. You are compromising, abbreviating your swing to use the opponent's pace or hitting a lob to stay in the point.

The defensive phase – In this phase you are in trouble, on your heels behind the baseline, using the continental grip to stretch and reach and get the ball up to buy time to recover.

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