Monday, January 11, 2010

" COACH " - I am proud to be.......

the person in charge and responsible for the program.

Coaching is communicating and communicating is talking, so I feel it's is important to talk to each and every player on the court every day. I like to periodically check in with my athletes about their school work. Accountability and parameters are what kids need and want. As the coach, I am positive and encouraging on and off the court.

The athletes on my teams will graduate some day, and move into a new phase of their lives. It's important to find the parallels and connect the the dots between competing in sports and the upcoming challenges of competing in life after high school. After-all, In life not everyone gets a trophy. Sometimes we fail, but failure is good, because we learn and grow. Sometimes we win - and we relish those moments because we know we've achieved a goal or reached a bar that we set for ourselves. High School athletics are one instrument to teach kids some very valuable lifetime lessons.

My athletes make a commitment, a commitment to succeed. My athletes are alert, awake and prepared in their respective classrooms and on the tennis court. My tennis athletes are more than above average, they do excellent work in the classroom. My athletes are academically disciplined and focused on the task ahead. This discipline carries over to the tennis court as it applies to how they live their daily lives.

These are times that kids need to see strength and discipline to mature into healthy adults themselves. This is done with a role model of high quality, inner strength, whom the athletes want to be around, trust, learn from and ultimately compete with. I strive every day to be a role model of that caliber.

Respect is never demanded of my athletes, it should always be earned. I work to earn my teams respect, always.

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