Saturday, October 17, 2009



Before The Match

Confirm site, time, opponent, directions to site and dress code for tournament

Check conditions of rackets, strings, shoes and other accessories. Remember to pack a jug water.

Get your normal amount of sleep the night before the match

Maintain a normal and nutritious diet.

Set realistic performance goals for the tournament or match

Become familiar with tournament facilities and courts before match

Day of Match

Eat complex carbohydrates such as cereals, pasta, fruit and fresh vegetables two to three hours before the match.

Allow appropriate travel time to reach the site at least an hour before match time. This will allow you to:

Check in

Get a practice court to warm up

Warm up body and stretch off court

Warm up on all strokes 15-30 minutes before the match

Drink sufficient fluids 30 minutes before the match

Focus on goals and strategies for the upcoming match.

During warm-up, analyze your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

During the Match
Focus on each point and remain present and centered

Drink fluids at every change over

Use changeovers ( and in-between points ) to recover and plan.

Follow the code of conduct

After the Match

Report your score and get details for the next match

Cool Down, stretch and analyze your performance

Eat nutritious foods within two hours and replace fluids.

Analyze and prepare for the next opponent

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